OKAWA Kobudo Buing Guide Wood Bo English
1: Ash (oil finish), 2: Ash (natural), 3: Beech natural, 4: Rattan Manau, 5: Beech (oil finish)

Ash is a hard and heavy wood, slightly lighter than oak, very elastic and durable. Its excellent strength beats even oak - especially with regards to tensile strength and elongation.

  • Our recommendation: Beginners & Advanced (kata & partner drills)

Oak is a relatively heavy wood, with a high-density and durability, weather-proof, with excellent strength and high tear strength.

  • Our recommendation: Beginners & Advanced (partner drills) 

Beech is a moderately heavy wood, harder than oak, high resistant, perfect for excessive use. Due to the effects of fluctuating temperatures and humidity, dimensional changes might occur. Therefore, we recommend a natural oil finish for preservation and protection.

  • Our recommendation: Beginners & Advanced (kata)

Rattan is a fast growing, renewable raw material, CO2 neutral, cultivated on a sustainable basis. Its long fibres make it a very hard and robust wood, yet stable and still flexible. Rattan has a high water and humidity resistance and therefore a long durability. Often times, Rattan is confused with Bamboo, yet the latter is more vulnerable for splinters and cracks. Choose unpeeled Rattan for maximum durability. For kata (tournaments) and demonstrations, we recommend peeled Rattan sticks. We choose Rattan from Indonesia because it's more compact and stable than Rattan from the Philippines. 

  • Our recommendation: Beginners (partner drills), Advanced (kata & partner drills)

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