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Every business needs a name. To cut a long story short, Okinawa Karate Waffen [Weapons] - or just OKAWA - was obvious for us. The Japanese company stamp (hanko) in our logo reads "OKAWA Kobudo". To combine our passions, woodworking and kobudo, we combined a Tonfa shape together with the traditional Bollenhut hat which is synonymous for the Black Forest area were we live.

OKAWA Qualität Schwarzwald
  • Our products are one-off manufactures, which we design individually to meet the needs of each customer, straight from the famous Black Forest area in Germany.
  • We guarantee the use of high-quality, sustainable and harmless raw materials made in Germany.
  • Our Kobudo expertise guarantees functional products for the benefit and value of our clients.
  • We focus on a sustainable, efficient and resource-conserving production process.

Why another Kobudo manufacturer?

Quite simply we didn't want to order our Kobudo weapons from far-away companies anymore - due to high shipping costs, long shipment dates and transport routes and sustainability issues. That is why we decided: we can do better.  Volker has a  unique expertise and experience in woodworking and ownership of his workshop Antiquitäten Kaiser . But also, and above all, because we care about manual work, local production and sustainability, we decided to  start manufacturing our very own weapons - in the famous Black Forest area following the centuries-old tradition of acurate craftmanship.